Evacuation for Disabled People


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Sign reads “Evacuation for Disabled People”

“All staff should be aware of the specific needs of a disabled person. The needs differ from person to person.”

“Wheelchair users – Assist Wheelchair user along specific escape routes towards the identified refuge point”

“Do not use lifts – Do not attempt to lift the wheelchair or occupant unless trained to do so”

“People with Impaired Vision – Look for people who may be identified as having impaired vision by wearing this sign. Look out for people who may be disorientated”

“Tell them your name and speak clearly giving them instructions”

“Offer your arm to lead them through the evacuation route identified by the running man”

“Provide continual commentary as to where you are going”

“Do not point – gestures will go unnoticed”

“People with Impaired Hearing – These people may not have heard the alarm”

“Attract their attention in some other way”

“Ensure that they follow the evacuation route identified by the…”

“You will need to be sensitive to the following other group of people who may need special attension – Arthritics, Epileptics, Young Children, Expectant Mothers, The Mentally Ill, People with learning disabilities, elderly people”

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